About Us


Hi there!  My name is Chasity and I would like to welcome you to Happy Bluebird Boutique!  My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and we have one daughter, Mariah.  Mariah is my fellow shopping buddy and while she is in the process of getting her teaching degree, she is also my model for Happy Bluebird.  Mariah and I have a huge shopping addiction and we love boutiques!  Secretly, I always thought it would be so fun to either work at one or to own a boutique of my own.  However, the over thinker in me would talk myself out of it for many silly reasons.  There's a lyric in one of my favorite songs that changed my thinking ..."If Happy Little Bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, then why oh why, can't I?"  Why can't I go after what I want?!  Why am I stopping myself from being happy?!  So with a determined mindset, I did all that I had to do to get this online boutique going and that is how Happy Bluebird Boutique was born!  The women clothing and jewelry you will find on this website is items that I would personally wear myself.  As someone who is in their forties, I prefer my clothing to be stylish, trendy and most importantly, comfortable!  That is what you will find here.  Thank you for your support and Happy Shopping!! 

Like the Bluebird that sings their own unique song...Be HAPPY, Be CONFIDENT, Be YOU!!